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Donald Trump – the Ugly American

He is abusive:

  • When the cast of Hamilton asked  VP Pence to respect LGBTI people Trump called in a “third rate show”. In his abuse he is coarse, crude, vain, shallow and simplistic.
  • When Meryl Streep criticised him she was dubbed an “overrated” actress.
  • Hilary Clinton deserves to put on trial as a criminal (what for?)

He boasts lies:

  • This presidency has achieved more in the first 90 days than any other presidency.
  • More people attended his inauguration than for Barack Obama.
  • He is restoring “clean coal”.

He does things destructive to society:

  • Reversed environmental protections. Companies can now put waste into rivers (“reduced red tape”)
  • Denies climate change.
  • Reversed Dodd-Frank so that banks can take financial risks which threaten society.
  • Stopped funding birth control in countries that need it badly.
  • Proposed a budget which halves funding of Medicaid and decrease by 25% funding for food stamps.
  • tries to get rid of Obamacare such that  23 million would be without health coverage and older and ill people would be paying a lot more.
  • Positively supports the sale of armaments and encourages the war industry (e.g. $148 billion sales to Saudi Arabia – one of the most backward and punitive societies in the world.)

From Jason Bosseau on August 9, 2018

The EPA has issued a SNUR (Significant New Use Rule) that says it will no longer evaluate the toxic effect of substances that are present in the air, in the ground or in water.  One of the substances that will benefit is asbestos since the hazard presented by asbestos occurs when it is entrained into the air. The president does not believe that asbestos is a health hazard and has been saying so for decades.
Almost all of the asbestos imported into the United States (there is no domestic production) is used in the creation of chlorine.  Most of it comes from Russia and is mined by a company named Uralasbest.
Uralasbest can expect a very large benefit to its business from the new rule. 

He breaks promises

Obamacare will not be repealed unless something better is in its place – the next day.. (Just repeal Obamacare and we will work out the rest later.)

He will build a border wall which Mexico will pay for.

He is unstable

I write this bit on Aug 1, 2017. Eleven days ago, Sean Spicer his communications director was sacked and replaced by the foul mouthed Anthony Scaramucci.  Scaramucci immediately attacked Reince Priebus (white House chief of Staff). Priebus immediately resigned. Trump replaced him with General John Kelly who immediately requires the dismissal of Scaramucci (terrific name by the way). All this in eleven days!!

Some inconvenient truths:
The unemployment dropped 0.66% each year under Obama, and 0.33% under Trump.
Wages went up 0.25% each year under Obama, and they have declined by 0.25% under Trump.
The stock market rose 25% per year under Obama, and and only 15% under Trump.
Obama inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
Trump inherited the Obama Recovery.

The Resistance as quoted in John James