Keith Bain


Keith Bain 1926-2012
Keith Bain 1926-2012

I can remember many occasions in the ‘50s and ’60s when the subject of a magazine devoted to the issues of Australian dance and its practitioners was constantly being discussed seriously. Everyone agreed on the desirability

of such a move and on the benefits that such a publication could provide but the risks and the problems in setting it up proved too much for anyone who did try and frightened off even those who most championed the idea.

To establish a profitable and flourishing journal that represented the whole art form and covered the whole nation required special expertise and uncommon gifts.

Dally was the one who successfully dared and brought off the venture to a point where it has become so strong a part of the dance community in this country that it is almost impossible to imagine our life without it and easy to neglect to give credit for the resourcefulness, talent and persistence that Dally brought to it.

Thank you Dally for what you have bequeathed to us all. _

Keith Bain

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