Richard Robert Doyle – Ancestor

Dear Daughters (and Nephew and nieces and cousins with adjustments !)
Thomas DOYLE brother of Richard Robert DOYLE also a train driverThis is a photo of your great-great grandfather Richard Robert Doyle. Attached is a record of his work life courtesy of cousin Jeannie Egan – Davidson Family Historian. He worked on the NSW Railways from October 4, 1877 to Dec 17, 1912. He was born on the 11th June 1856 in Liverpool NSW. He married Anna Maria Hughes on September 7, 1883. (courtesy of cousin Jeannie Egan)
Especially see the chart at the bottom of the page.
 Richard Robert Doyle
Richard Robert Doyle Railway CardThomas Richard Isadore DOYLE WW1 Service Record No 6735


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