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Dally Messenger speaking at the Probus Club of Arthur's Seat on the Mornington Peninsula.
Dally Messenger speaking at the Probus Club of Arthur’s Seat on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Compliments of the club newsletter editor.

Says Bruce Kennedy (Literary Agent and Sportsman)

Bruce Kennedy Literary Agent
Bruce Kennedy
Literary Agent

Dally Messenger III is a writer, speaker and pioneer of the Civil Celebrant movement. His book Ceremonies and Celebrations, now in its fourth edition, is the classic text for understanding and planning rites of passage.

He is the grandson of the iconic Rugby Union and Rugby League pioneer Dally Messenger and author of The Master (Angus & Robertson, 1982, new edition Hachette Livre, 2007 with Sean Fagan) – first published history of the beginnings of Rugby League in Australia. He has a number of other published works.

From 1979 to 1990 he was founding publisher/editor of Dance Australia – the most successful independent performing arts magazine in Australia’s history. In 2008, he won the Australian Dance Award for Services to Dance presented at the Arts Centre in Melbourne.

Spectrum publications recently published his unique history-  Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness; a History of the Civil Celebrant Movement.

He is currently Principal of the International College of Celebrancy based in Melbourne.


SaysVan Gramberg Ruth Van Gramberg – celebrant, poet and author

Dally Messenger is the Don of Celebrancy.
With his wealth of experience, expertise and philosophy, he has constantly campaigned for celebrants to elevate themselves and their craft to another level. His unselfish contributions to the celebrant fraternity have spanned several decades. He is gifted with a spirit of adventure and pushes boundaries to transcend the commonplace.

His books are diverse and comprehensive covering a vast array of ceremonies, which have assisted new as well as established celebrants. Anyone who has read his publications, attended his seminars or professional development gatherings, is instantly captivated, and embraces the excitement as he guides and impacts with verbal dexterity. He challenges one to think outside the box and strive for the impossible. He is a dream maker of this century and I am grateful for his inspiration.”


2 thoughts on “About Dally

  1. Your early training in philosophy has taken you a long way from where you thought you wanted to? How different our world is today from the one we were raised in? That change has long been overdue in my mind. You always had the “gift of the gab”. It sounds like you have had an exciting and eventful life and have worked hard for what you believe in. When next I am back in Oz I will contact you and we will have coffee. I have good friends in Melbourne with whom I stay in contact. Congratulations on a life well lived. Thecla.

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