Caroll-Scoles-Tree chartMy Grandmother, Annie Messenger – married to Macauley, nee Carroll, died in the bubonic plague/flu of 1919, which took more lives throughout the world than deaths due to World War 1. My father, Dally 11, was only 6 years old.

Caroll-ScolesMy grandmother’s sister, Catherine had a son Ray, my father’s first cousin. He married Gladys and they had three children – Betty, Faye and Noel. Faye was still alive in 2012- aged 82 (Note: Fay died in June 2014). I remember Faye and Betty when I was seven or so. The two most beautiful women I had ever laid eyes on up to that point.

Faye married Bruce Rohr  in 1950 and their daughter is Debra Anne Coates nee Rohr (b.1960) who has a daughter Alexandra (Ally) who was 18 in 2009. Debra’s siblings are Garry (B.1951) and Sharon (b.1953).

Betty married Vic Waller in 1952 and had one son, Glen Waller. Betty died in March 2000 and Vic about 4 years later. Glen died from bowel cancer aged 46, about 3 years before Betty.

Noel married Winifred Sweetman in 1948 and they had 4 boys, Bill, Derek, Chris and Mark. Uncle Noel died in May 2000.

Faye, Bruce and family grew up in Haberfield. They all now live in Saratoga, NSW (near Gosford).

Noel’s family grew up in Longueville (Lane Cove) and retired to Port Macquarie. See Noel’s war record below.

Betty’s family grew up in Campsie NSW (Canterbury district) then retired to Wyoming, also near Gosford.

When Ray and  Noel Scoles were at war, Gladys Scoles with Faye and Betty came to live with us (Dally II) at 6 Henley St Drummoyne.

Faye Rohr –
From Deb Coates – 02 4363 2422

BillDavidsonMy Uncle Bill Davidson, my mother’ youngest brother. was great friends with Ray Scoles. Bill was seconded to the Royal Canadian Airforce based in Edmonton, Alberta. He was billeted there with the Smith Family.

Noel ScolesMy second Cousin

Staff Sergeant
Service Australian Army
Date of Birth 21 December 1922
Place of Birth SMITHTOWN, NSW
Date of Enlistment 17 August 1943
Locality on Enlistment SPRINGDALE, NSW
Place of Enlistment WAGGA WAGGA, NSW
Date of Discharge 21 February 1947
Posting at Discharge 89 AUST DENTAL UNIT (KURE JAPAN)
Additional Service Numbers N279034

Note from Cameron Scoles, (Noel’s grandson) (,  lives in Birchgrove, Sydney with partner Aimee),
he is the son of Chris Scoles (Noel’s son of course).
His grandmother, Winnifred Scoles (Noel’s wife), is living in a nursing home in Toronto, NSW.
William James Scoles , Ray’s father, lived in Birchgrove (Balmain).Prior to that he owned a pub in Young NSW.

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  1. Cam – great to hear from you. As a kid I vaguely remember meeting your grandfather, when he came home on leave. Ken Cameron, Genevieve and I recently were invited to Manilla NSW for 100th anniversary of the Rugby League Club which Dally founded there. If you send me your email to – – I will send some photos.

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