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Asylum Seekers: Australia: Saved from Drowning?


Oh, you saved them from drowning?

But then you killed them slowly, while they were still alive, by imprisonment without charge or trial, by depriving them of hope, and the consequent death by a thousand cuts of incremental mental illness.
Life Member of the Australian Labor Party


PS Australia is one of the richest, endowed, affluent countries in the world – mostly made up of migrants (25% of Australians were born overseas). Yet we lock up indefinitely asylum seekers who comes by boat. They are a minuscule number compared to other countries. (Less that 10,000 per year.

The PBS Newshour (August 2014 – before the “Caliphate”) gave the following figures for less affluent, and troubled, countries, who protect and care for asylum seekers from Syria:-

North Africa —- 23,367
Egypt ——— 139,090
Jordan ——– 613,252
Lebanon — 1,175,504
Iraq ———— 215,369
Turkey ——– 832,508