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Dally Messenger III is the grandson of the iconic rugby union and rugby league pioneer Dally Messenger after whom the prestigious Dally M Award is named.

He wrote the pioneering Rugby League history book “The Master” published by Angus and Robertson in 1982.

He co-wrote with Sean Fagan ‘The Master‘ released by Hachette Australia in 2007.

He also co-wrote with Nancy Lee a book on the history of Melbourne radio entitled ‘Being a Chum was Fun‘, (Now an ebook!)


and a guide book to assist children of divorced parents ‘So, Mum and Dad have Separated‘. From 1979 to 1990.

He was the founding publisher/editor of ‘Dance Australia‘ – the most successful performing arts magazine in Australia’s history.

Dally is currently the Principal of the International College of Celebrancy in Melbourne.

He wrote the classic book for preparing ceremony entitled ‘Ceremonies and Celebrations‘ currently available from Hachette and now in its 4th edition.

Spectrum publications recently published his unique history-  Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness; a History of the Civil Celebrant Movement.

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