CCNA Life Membership

Presented to the
Don of Civil Celebrancy


Dally Messenger III


Dally Messenger III

for your unique contribution to the development of civil Celebrancy in the Western World and Australia in particular. The CCN Inc thanks you, on behalf of all Civil Celebrants, couples and families for your vision, education and for “adding to the sum total of human happiness” through your expertise and passion. CCN Inc greatly appreciates your willingness to share your skills, knowledge and experience with your celebrant colleagues, especially by your participation in the inaugural civil celebrations network CCN Inc conference entitled the “Spirit of Celebration” held at the Riverwalk Hotel, Richmond, Victoria, on Sunday the 9th and Monday, 10th June 2013
signed by
Rona Goold CCNA coordinator, and
Robbie Fincham CCN Inc Chairperson.

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