Pamela Ruskin

Dally Messenger – founder of Dance Australia

Dance OzDRMTribute463l feel that I could not let Dally Messenger’s retirement from Dance Australia pass without paying tribute to the major role he has played in the establishment and development of what I believe is the only Arts Magazine to survive more than 16 years without missing an issue.

Dally published the first issue on 1 September 1980: I have been closely associated with Dance Australia since the second issue, particularly in the early days. I know the long hours Dally worked, usually with only one staff member. I know he put his own money into it and at times looked liked losing it all. Those of us who worked with him as contributors developed a great admiration for his determination, learning as he went along, and his achievement in bringing the magazine to the very high standard it has developed.

Karen van U!zen has taken over as an excellent editor and developed the magazine still further, covering new areas of dance, and it is an outstanding magazine under her aegis.

However, without Dally Messenger there would be no Dance Australia and I would not like his name to disappear from the magazine without acknowledging all he achieved as owner, editor and advertising manager all rolled into one. It has been a continuing privilege and pleasure to have worked with him for so many years and to claim him as a friend.

– Pamela Ruskin

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