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Why I reject Donald Trump

He is abusive:

  • When the cast of Hamilton asked  VP Pence to respect LGBTI people Trump called in a “third rate show”.
  • When Meryl Streep criticised him she was dubbed an “overrated” actress.

He boasts lies:

  • This presidency has achieved more in the first 90 days than any other presidency.
  • More people attended his inauguration than for Barack Obama.
  • He is restoring “clean coal”.

He does things destructive to society:

  • Reversed environmental protections. Companies can now put waste into rivers (“reduced red tape”)
  • Denies climate change.
  • Reversed Dodd-Frank so that banks can take financial risks which threaten society.
  • Stopped funding birth control in countries that need it badly
  • Proposed a budget which halves funding of Medicaid and decrease by 25% funding for food stamps.
  • Gets rid of Obamacare and leaves 23 million without health coverage and older and ill people paying a lot more.
  • Positively supports the sale of armaments and the war industry (e.g. $148 billion sales to Saudi Arabia)

He breaks promises

  • Obamacare not repealed to something better in its place.