Sinodinos, Russ Hinze, and Conflict Corruption

What I cannot follow is this — how the whole Liberal party cohort of spokespeople are describing Sinodinos as a person of “incredible integrity”.

He was a shareholder, director, chairperson, and paid employee of a company that was seeking a make-you-for-life government contract. And yet he was heavily involved in politics. And this same company had 5 “lobbyists” in its employ. 5 Lobbyists? – what do these guys do all day – or are they sexy persuasive women?

RussHinzeIn the Royal Commission into corruption in Queensland a few years ago, Commissioner Tony Fitzgerald asked government Minister Russ Hinze (pictured), when Hinze was given a  ca.$400,000 loan at low interest, did the lender mention the fact that his lucrative commercial development was up for approval before him as Minister that afternoon.
Said Hinze:  “You don’t have to say anything, Mr Commissioner. It doesn’t work like that. “

Sinodinos was / is in a very influential position, mixing with ministers and assistant ministers and public servants who know him, maybe like him, maybe fear his influence and power. He doesn’t have to say a word. They all know he would like his company to get the contract. They all know he would like $20 million?  Who wouldn’t?

Am I too straight or something? And there is Sinodinos is personally standing to gain the aforesaid  $20 million if the contract comes through for Australian Water Holdings – and does anyone doubt that, with the assistant treasurer etc at the centre and Liberal governments all over the place – that it would not come through? — $20 Million !!!

ObeidThe ALP is fairly muted. Now I wonder how many members of parliament (apart from Eddie Obeid and family and friends) have shares in companies that are after government contracts. This should not be allowed at all.

And perhaps this sticks up my nose as much as anything. The great advocates of the open market and free trade and dog-eat-dog competition – guess what – they don’t want to get out there and compete – they want government contracts and PPPs –  government private partnerships  – where the government ensures the private firm cannot lose !! –  (But the government doesn’t have to put expenditure on their books – who is fooled?)

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