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Celebrant Training: other Training courses: The Pandemic

Causes of failure in fighting the pandemic

Underpinning the failure to contain the coronavirus is the ill-advised decision of those who, early this century, moved vital education into the world of capitalist competition. At the heart of capitalism there is an ethical void. The capitalist system never had any chance of producing genuine education or adequate training. (The AGE: Pandemic Pay Win as Aged Care Alarm Grows. 28/7)

When Nationally Registered Training (NRT) was made mandatory for celebrants in 2003, at least 48 “providers” – most of them non-celebrants — were approved by the Federal Attorney-General to certify celebrants. I, and my fellow educationists, went into screech mode as we tried to expose their irresponsibility. I witnessed and still witness skilled exploiters working out how to undercut the competition. Inter alia, they abbreviate training content, cut time in the assessment of students, and subtly discourage persons from continuing the paid-for course, so they can charge less and beat the competition.

The Federal Attorney General’s Department and many others, skilled in agnotology, accepted everyone’s certificate as equal. No one ever failed. You paid your money and you got your certificate.

So why I am not surprised that security guards enjoyed “rolls in the hay” with isolated single women in quarantine? Why am I not surprised when some aged care workers contribute unwittingly to spreading the virus?