Thank You Martin Foley MP

MartinFoleyThose of you who have been falsely accused will know what I am talking about. Those of you who have suffered a  significant injustice will know what I am talking about. You go numb with surprised outrage. You are immobilised with the shock of it.

You reach out as best you can for help.
The ACCC (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)  is the most detestable arm of government imaginable.
Anyway, Martin Foley came to the fundraiser and gave me moral support. Liberal Senator Judith Troeth defended me in the Senate.

Three or four people in the media stuck up for me. Five lawyers helped me pro bono (Moira Rayner, Jenny Draddy, Greg Meir, Les Glick QC) It meant so much to have that support. Others let me down really badly.

Martin wrote to the ACCC again recently. For those interested or who want to know the story you will get it by reading Martin’s letter and Judith’s speech (short). I attach Martin’s letter and the original speech of Senator Troeth (p.3).
Many friends kicked into help pay the $47,000 fine and the $20,000 legal fees- I am grateful to you all.
PS The question that remains is what was the ACCC doing taking an old age pensioner to court on the absurd charge of price fixing?
Why did they pick on the most exploited people in the Funeral Industry – the funeral celebrant?
Why did they ignore the evidence that most funeral directors collude to fix a fee such that if a celebrant exceeds  that fee those celebrants  simply don’t get any work?
Why are they so threatened by a body of men and women whose only vision (Lionel Murphy’s vision) is to make sure that a life well lived receives a proper recording and tribute?
Read the story in the pdf attachment . Foley-Troeth-ACCC
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5 thoughts on “Thank You Martin Foley MP

  1. There is no explanation or justice for what has been the greatest injustice of all time. Too many people with yheir own selfish agendas provided the ACCC with the bait to continue their witch hunt. Everyone be aware!

  2. You are right, Dally. I am an independent funeral celebrant in the ACT. Thye only work I get is when families contact me directly. I will not work for the insultingly low fee that funeral companies pay celebrants. My fee is not exhobitant but it allows me to take the time and care that is required.

      1. Thank God for humanist like Dally Messenger and Martin Foley. These are the modern centurions that keep injustice at bay. More power to you both, and God Bless you.

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